1st Birthday Cake Ideas Girl and Boys

1st Birthday Cake Ideas Girl and Boys According to Your theme and Shap of Cake and choice Best 1st Birthday Party Cake for your Baby. Here you can find some great ideas for your child’s first birthday cakes. An ancient Chinese philosopher once said, “A great birthday cake is not only defined by how it tastes, but also by how much it resembles your child’ favorite cartoon character.” The best cakes not only taste great, but they look great as well. You don’t have to spend extra time building your child’s birthday cake into a giant lighthouse or a SpongeBob. But it certainly will make the cake a lot more fun. Don’t worry about building your complex cake if you don’t have a lot of time. But you should try and slot enough time that you can at least turn your child’s cake into something fun and unique.

1st Birthday Cake Ideas Girl and Boys
1st Birthday Cake Ideas Girl and Boys

Below are some great 1st birthday cake designs, with some great 1st Birthday Cake Ideas Girl and Boys on how to design your child’s 1st birthday cakes to look as fun and festive as possible.

1st Birthday Cake Ideas Get with the Theme

The first birthday cake designs usually go along with the theme of the birthday party, and creating a birthday cake to match your party’s theme can be a lot of fun. Don’t know what 1st birthday cake designs can match your child’s party theme? Here are a few simple themes that can easily be turned into great kids birthday cakes. These simple themes can help you to know what to make with your cake, but the ideas are not limited only to the themes.

  • SpongeBob – Everyone loves SpongeBob Squarepants, and it is highly likely that your local party supplies store will have lots of themed decorations for this kind of party. If you want to make your cake a SpongeBob, simply make 3 large rectangular cakes. Use two for the body of SpongeBob, and use the third for the crazy sponge’s arms and legs. Use frosting to complete the characters face and clothes.
  • Baseball – For your little slugger, why not consider a baseball themed party? To make a baseball cap cake, you have two options.
  •  Option 1: Cook your cake in a large metal bowl to create a half-domed shape cake for the hat part. Option 2: Cook two round cakes and use your awesome artistic skills to trim it into the half-domed shape of the hat. Use the extra cake to make the brim of the cap, and decorate with your husband’s favorite team colors.
  • Yummies – If the theme of your party is all the food your little one will grow up to enjoy, why not consider making a sandwich cake? You can make the two pieces of bread out of square cakes. And use peanut butter and jelly as a filling for your cake. You can also use a bit of food coloring to make some extra piece of cake into colored “pickles”, “tomatoes”, and “cheese”, or use colored whipped cream to stuff your cake sandwich with fun looking “food”.
  • Princess – Many little ladies love the princess themes, and you can make a special castle for your little princess’ birthday as one of the best 1st birthday cake ideas. You can make the walls of the cake with a regular square or rectangular shaped cake. And use a knife to hollow out the middle. Use a square cake for the roof of the castle, and use the trimmings from the cake to make the turrets and towers. You can also use ice cream cones for the towering spires of your child’s princess cake. And complete the cake with colored frosting and a few flying flags.

1st Birthday Cake Ideas Get Shaping

If you don’t have a theme set for your party, or you just want to get creative with the cake ideas. Below are a few simple 1st Birthday Cake Ideas that you can use to whip up a few decorative, fun cake shapes.

  • Dino – Dinosaurus Delicious is not going to be an easy one to make, as the shapes of most dinosaurs are fairly complex. You will need one large rectangular cake for the shape of the dino’s body. Use the cake positioned vertically for a T-Rex, or turn it horizontal for the body of the other dinosaurs. Bake another rectangular cake to use for the tail, head, and any other body parts that cannot be made with the trimmings of the primary cake.
  • Crown – The cookie crown is a cake for your little princess, but it can be a bit of a challenge to make. To make the crown, bake two regular circle-shaped cakes, and stack them on top of each other. Use cookies around the edge of the cake (following a template that you find online), using Danish butter cookies, roll cookies, and homemade cookies to complete the decorative sides of the child’s crown (complete with cookie “jewels”).
  • Skateboard – For the little guy who promises to be an active one someday, making a skateboard cake can be a lot of fun. Whip up a rectangular shaped cake for the body of the skateboard. And cut away the edges of the cake into the shape of your board. Use the trimmings and a smaller square cake to make the axles and the wheels, and use the colors of your choice in the frosting to decorate the cake.
  • Bugs – If the little one is into bugs, you can make your own anthill or bug mountain cake. Use a square cake to make the foundation of the hill, and bake an extra, large rectangular cake to use for filling in the hill itself. Little-candied bugs to create the trail of creepy crawlies heading up into their nest. Use brown whipping cream or frosting to make the hill look sufficiently tasty.
  • Crocodile – Crocodile themed cakes are great for little boys who love their animals, and this green cake is sure to be a bit. Bake a large rectangular cake, and cut out the body and head of the croc. Use the trimmings to make the tail of the croc, along with the feet and the ridged back of the lizard.
  • Poodle – Most little girls love dogs, and the poodle is the most popular of dogs for little girls. As far as 1st Birthday Cake Ideas go, it’s one of the best. To make it, you will need, three round cakes. Make two large cakes and one smaller one, with one of the large cakes being used for the front end of the dog. Use the smaller cake for the back end of the dog, and use the last cake to make the shape of the head, legs, and tail.
  • Computer – If you want to go all out on the cake, why not consider making a cake in the shape of an old CRT computer monitor, complete with keyboard and mouse. To make it, you will need at least three rectangular cakes. Stack them on top of each other, use milk or frosting to hold the cake together, and trim the cake in the shape of the monitor. Bake another rectangular cake, and cut it into two pieces. one twice as long as the other. Shape the longer piece into a keyboard, and use the smaller piece to create your own mouse.
  • Airplane – Making an airplane cake for your little guy will take a lot of work, but it will truly be an impressive cake. You will need one rectangular cake for the wings and tail, and two rectangular cakes for the body of the plane. Stack the two cakes for the body on top of each other. And use a knife to make the cake rounded and cylindrical. Cut out the shapes of the two wings, and place them on either side of the plane. Make the tail and tail wings out of the trimmings of the cakes, and use frosting to color as desired.

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1st Birthday Cake Ideas Well Worth it

While cutting up the cakes into these elaborate shapes and structures is going to be a lot of work. It can be totally worth it. Imagine the look of surprise on the face of your friends and family as they see the shape of the cake that you have lovingly made. And you can get an idea of how amazed all will be. While the little one may not notice it. You can bet that your guests certainly will. It is likely that you are going to be buying most of the decorations and party items from the store. Meaning there is not much that you have to do to prepare for the party. With these elaborate 1st Birthday Cake Ideas above. You can go all out and do something to make your little one’s first birthday party special.

Kids birthday cakes are meant to be special, and using these 1st Birthday Cake Ideas Girl and Boys above can help you to transform your little one’s cake from something that just tastes great into a magical cake that looks awesome as well.

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