Benefits of Flossing Teeth Daily with Important Question

We don’t talk about it because it’s so common right so many things to discuss today because I have been given a topic of discussing dental myths which are very common in the general public. So we will go through them and I will tell you about like all the brushing techniques proper in between flossing and everything.

Benefits of Flossing Teeth Daily

There are many misconceptions people say that oh don’t floss because floss can’t hurt gums and if we will frost and bleeding occurs and just stop it don’t hurt the gums. So I just want to tell you people that flossing is so important you it makes sense that the areas where the plaque is building up which is in between the teeth and with brush bristles can’t reach. You have to do a floss because floss clean those areas where brush bristles they don’t reach.

Benefits of Flossing Teeth Daily

We have to clean those areas in between the teeth to remove that layer of thin sticky film of bugs which is black to keep our mouth healthy. Because brush can only clean three surfaces of our teeth which is visible which are visible like outer inner and the chewing or biting surfaces. But about those surfaces which are in between the teeth between two the so we can’t reach them so flossing once a day is very important. You can buy a good floss from any chemist with the handled process are also available they are also very good. Do them in between the teeth and once a day at nighttime before going to bed before brushing all right. Benefits of Flossing Teeth Daily very important for teeth and for oral Health.

Can we should not expect bleeding or any sort of injury?

The thing is reading occurs bleeding others but it is a sign that something is going wrong there. If black is and bacteria are building up near the gums Whenever you will clean that area bleeding will happen. But then eventually it will stop next time. You will see the improvement there will be beautiful improvements and there will be no bleeding in two or three days. Don’t worry if your gums bleed if you are doing floss for the first time or after many days and you’ll notice that area is building it means that this area is problematic and you are cleaning it properly and you are getting rid of bacteria from that area. So which means those in the coming days will be free of inflammation free of bacteria and this area will become healthy. We should not worry about any sort your try do floss and then notice a difference although you will feel that your gums are smiling believe me whenever you will floss and after floss, You will brush your teeth you will feel that your mouth is smiling your gums are healthy and smiling flaws.

Electronic brushes Vs Floss

Now coming onto the brush as well I mentioned that you know again floss can reach places where the brush cannot. So there are electronic brushes it a myth that people believe if you have one of those you really don’t need to do like you know to use it on your tongue or floss as well it’s gonna do the job for both?

No it’s a myth it again will clean only those surfaces which are visible it will do the same function the manual toothbrushes too. So you have to do a floss in any way Brushing tongue is very important for fresh breath obviously we want to keep it. we don’t want to smell bad and it’s hygiene is obviously know that it’s half of our faith so why not like brushing the tongue it will remove all those a bad odor or producing bacteria from our mouth. So in the end when we will we are don’t beat are brushing we should brush our tongue as well to keep our mouth healthy and flossing again is very important essentially we did not just you know say.

Also check

Electronic Toothbrushes are very good because they are oscillating they have vibrating heads and they can go round and round and brush your gums as well so they are also very good. But you still have to move your hand so be a proper brushing technique with a manual toothbrush or use an electronic toothbrush but with proper alright we also have a video below.

If we brush our teeth like straight like this it removes blocking it will clean our teeth more but this is wrong. The proper way is to tilt our brush at a 45-degree angle towards the gum line and then go round circular motions and gently clean with moderate pressure, not too much pressure moderate pressure and a soft toothbrush. It will do the purpose like outer surface you know like they are doing now inner surfaces with round circular motions and also the biting and the chewing surfaces of our teeth in the end and in the very end tongue.

Mouthwash using again and again

Coming on to the next myth and this one is actually so common we have heard everyone. Say this as well when we’re talking about a mouthwash. Carry a mouthwash in your bag brush again and again. Personally I’m against mouthwash is because they are so full of chemicals they are chlorhexidine. Mouthwash is antibacterial mouthwash which they can cause staining and a big thing is when he has staining chlorhexidine. Also they change the medium of our whole mouth so it doesn’t remain natural so maltose is just a liquid which we put in our mouth to get rid of bacteria. But the thing is that that try to reduce your mouthwash routine and it doesn’t remove plaque and tartar deposits from our teeth again. We will always want or we will always need to brushing to remove those deposits and daughters from our teeth. Mouthwash can’t remove physically things from our teeth. Mouthwash is just to keep our breath fresh and to get rid of bacteria build momentary yeah so just I try to reduce the amount of mouthwash.

Alternative of Mouthwash

You Should use just once a week is enough but I strongly recommend alternative of Mouthwash to all patient set warm saline rinses are very good.


  • 1 Cup glass of warm water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

Dissolve it and just rinse your mouth three times a day it’s a natural remedy. It’s horrible it doesn’t have any side effects it removes information. It’s very important instead of using a chemical mouthwash I would recommend using these things more and brushing twice a day is very important with the fluoride toothpaste nothing can replace it.

 Mouthwash is they change the pH balance which is the acid-base balance of our mouth. Better only to use at those times when there is massive information in your mouth and you need to use a mouthwash break it is recommended by a dentist or a doctor so then use it otherwise don’t make it a routine.

Healthy vs Whitening Teeth

 One thing there are times I read up that white is not the natural color of your teeth. They’re not supposed to be like bright white or something the thing is that people think that the writer. A tooth the healthier that you are it’s not it’s a misconception you know a teat can vary in their shapes and colors. If you have a off-white eat or something like that it doesn’t mean that your teeth are not healthy. Sometimes natural color is not completely bite sometimes aging causes teeth to become more brownish or yellowish. Sometimes there are various things in the diet that we are taking healthy things which cause teeth to lose their color. It doesn’t mean that they are not healthy they are healthy mouth is the mouth which has no cavities no doctor no clock and which is taking care taking care.

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