Birthday Party Games for Adults indoor

Birthday Party Games for Adults indoor Now nap time has come, the babies are down to sleep, and it’s time for the adult games

Birthday Party Games for Adults indoor

  • Baby Photos Guess Whose – When sending out the invitations to the adults, ask each of the parents to bring the earliest picture of their children (preferably immediately after birth). Then paste all the pictures on a board, and have each person guess who the photo belongs to. The winner is the one who guesses all the children correctly. It will help to find pictures without the parents in the background.
  • Pregnant Belly Guess Whose – Ask all of the pregnant mothers to bring a picture of their belly (have them take one from the collection of digital photos on their computer, make it larger. And crop it until only the belly is showing), and paste them all on a bulletin board. The winner of the game is the one who can guess who all the pregnant bellies belong to. (this game is great if you have a lot of mothers attending the party)
  • Pregnancy Prediction – This game is considered hedge magic or a wives’ tale by some, but it can be eerily accurate. In order to play this game, you will need a plain silver ring. Take a long hair from one person, string the ring on it, and hold the ends of the hair to let the ring hang. Have them open their right palm, and dip the ring once to the left of the hand, once to the right, once more to the left, and once more to the right. Without hesitating, place the ring suspended half an inch off the person’s palm. Hold your hand perfectly still and see what the ring will do. If the ring swings back and forth, the person is going to have a boy. If the ring goes around, it will be a girl. If it doesn’t move, no kids. Do this as many times as necessary to predict how many children each person will have and in which order.
  • Pin the Hat on the Baby – Place a picture of your little one on a bulletin board and cut out a simple hat out of a piece of paper. Blindfold each of the adults in turn, and have them fumble their way to the board, figure out where the baby’s head would be, and stick the hat on it. The winner is the person who gets the hat as close to correct as possible. (This game is even more fun if you play it with a few beers in the parents, which possible now that the little ones are down for a nap)

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As parents of a 1-year-old, it is likely that you will prefer to sit around and enjoy a bit of cake, food, and drinks without constantly having to jump up and monitor your little one. You will probably find that most of the parents will prefer to just relax after the party is over and the little ones are down for their nap. So don’t worry about planning too many games. If you bring out the cake and some hot food during this break instead of playing birthday party games for adults, the parents will be eternally grateful.

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