Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

Top 15 Birthday Party Games for Toddlers indoors Which is Best for Your baby with Enjoyment these game will help in Educate and brain Growth. Birthday Party Games for Toddlers can be tons of fun, and you can plan a bunch of great games for all the little guests for your party to play. And then, just like that, nap time will come and all of the little babies will fall asleep. The only ones left to play the game will be the adults, but that will make the games a lot more fun. Some of the 1st birthday party games are for the little ones to play, while some of the other kids birthday party games are just for the adults during the little ones’ nap time.

Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

Don’t worry, all of the birthday party games for children are going to be lots of fun. And tailored to the limited motor skills of your little angels, with the adults birthday party games being a little bit more adult-oriented. With no further ado, here are some of the best Birthday Party Games for Toddlers you can play at your child’s 1st birthday party:

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Birthday Party Games for Toddlers
Birthday Party Games for Toddlers
  • Baby Races – It is comical how adults will bet on any kind of races, and movies and TV shows depict adults placing bets on mice races, cockroach races, and even fly races. Rather than going for the animals, set your kids on the floor on one side of the room, and place Mommy on the other side of the room. The goal is for the kids to crawl, walk, roll, or get to Mommy however they can. The first one to reach Mommy wins! The game is great provided all the kids are roughly the same age.
  • Baby Limbo – Baby limbo is a lot more complicated than regular limbo. As it involves Mom or Dad carrying the baby and passing the little one underneath the broomstick to the parent on the other side. This game is one by the baby who can be passed underneath the lowest placed broomstick without touching it. But it is made a lot harder due to the fact that the little ones love to squirm. You might be surprised to find how much of a challenge it is.
  • Baby’s 1st Birthday Quiz – One of the best Birthday Party Games for Toddlers will be for the adults to guess all the facts about the birthday baby. Write out a questionnaire with stunners like “I weighed ______ when I was born…” or “My Mommy and Daddy conceived me on _____”. Whoever gets the most questions right (mostly out of luck probably than real information) wins the game.
  • Baby Cake Race – Make a few small cakes (one according to the number of toddlers invited to the party). And decorate them with frosting and the words “Destroy Me!” on them. Each toddler is supposed to do as much damage as possible to the cake in one minute, and the winner is the one who can tear their cake into as many tiny pieces as possible. A special bonus is given to the toddlers who have destroyed their cake but managed to keep the mess on the plate. (Warning: Make sure to have aprons or fully body bags, as this game gets MESSY!)

Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

  • Mystery Gift Parcel – In this game, a giant ball of wrapping paper is passed around to music. When the music stops, the child left holding the ball has to open the first layer of wrapping paper. Inside that layer is a surprise hidden, which now belongs to that child. The music resumes and the ball is passed around again, and on it goes until the last present (obviously belonging to the birthday child) is unwrapped and in the hands of its rightful owner. It is a game that the parents will have to help out with, but it can be a lot of fun.
  • Baby Can – This is a great game to test out what baby can do, and it is a fun game rather than one that has the objective of winning. Say, “Baby can…” along with another instruction (i.e.: touch their nose, clap their hands, show their teeth, growl like a tiger, etc.). See which babies can do as many things as possible, and hand out prizes of baby treats to all the babies that participate in the game.
  • Bubble Popping – Again, this game is more for the children to have fun rather than compete, but it is certainly one of the best kids birthday party games for the little ones. In this game, use a bubble machine to generate a steady stream of bubbles. The babies will all be amazed as they see the floating objects, and they will spend time trying to pop the bubbles. As long as the babies don’t use their mouths to pop the bubbles, there should be no problems with the bubbles. This game will usually entertain the kids for half an hour or so, though some may get bored before the others do.
  • Predict the Future – This is a fun variation on the Korean birthday tradition. Place on the table a few items, such as a ball, a pencil, a calculator, a ruler, money, a book, a cooking utensil, and a piece of cloth. Let the baby reach for and grab the item of their choice in order to predict the future of your little one. The ball is for a sportsperson, a pencil means a smart student, a calculator means someone who works with money, a ruler means long life, money means riches, a book means a teacher, the cooking utensil means a chef, and the cloth means working with their hands. It isn’t a real prediction, but it is a fun game for the parents to play with their little ones. Also, Check 1st Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys and Girls

As parents of a 1-year-old, it is likely that you will prefer to sit around and enjoy a bit of cake, food, and drinks without constantly having to jump up and monitor your little one. You will probably find that most of the parents will prefer to just relax after the party is over and the little ones are down for their nap, so don’t worry about planning too many games. If you bring out the cake and some hot food during this break instead of playing Birthday Party Games for Toddlers or adults, the parents will be eternally grateful.

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