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Different types of pimples on Face and Body

Skin Experts categorize Different types of pimples on Face and Body into four levels Analyzing pimples grade is carried out by a basic visual assessment of the skin.

Certain key elements are used to identify pimples signs and symptoms, which includes:

• Different types of pimples on Face.
• Forms of swollen pimples that exist.
• The number of pimple outbreaks.
• A quantity of swelling caused.
• Locations on the body which have been affected.

Different types of pimples on face
Different types of pimples on face and Body

Being aware of the grade of the pimples is an essential stage in treating pimples. All grades of pimples demand different treatment solutions.  Knowing the level of your pimples can assist you in deciding upon which course of treatment will be the most effective for you and will assist you in selecting the right products. It can assist you to determine whether you can take care of your pimples at home or if you will need to see your skin doctor.

Knowing how to treat pimples whilst they are still in the very early levels can help you avoid pimples from developing altogether, particularly in teenagers. Level 1 pimples may possibly develop to Level 2 pimples if kept neglected and untreated.

Level 1 Different types of pimples on Face and Body

This level is the weakest form of pimples known. This means that there may be minimal pimples but they will very small, they will show up from time to time and in modest amounts, only a few.

Blackheads will also be observed, in some cases in larger quantities, but there will be no swelling if they are level 1 pimples.

Level 1 pimples are typically found in earlier teenage years, particularly on the forehead and nose area of the face. Quite a few grownups also encounter Level 1 pimples, usually in the form of blackheads on the nose and forehead.

Level 2 Different types of pimples on Face and Body

Level 2 is regarded to be mild pimples. At this level, you will also come across blackheads on the skin, usually in larger quantities. You will also begin to see much more pimples and the development of puss at this phase.

The pimples will show up with at an increased rate, and common outbreak movement will be much more evident. You will also see minor swelling of the skin which will be more noticeable now.

Teenagers could see the pimples advance from the nose and forehead to other parts of the facial area. Pimples may also begin to have an effect on the chest and shoulder area with unexpected outbreaks on the back, particularly in men.

Most women may discover increased pimple outbreak activity on the cheeks and the chin area, in particular. Just prior to and for the duration of the monthly period.

Level 2 pimples could still be taken care of at home, making use of over the counter products and solutions.

Bacteria that lead to swollen outbreaks could be wiped out by making use of a benzoyl peroxide lotion. This is over the counter option that can tremendously improve level 2 pimple outbreaks and should really be used every day to assist in getting rid of those bacteria. Nevertheless, if after a number of weeks of home treatment the pimples outbreaks do not significantly improve, it is time to see a skin specialist.

And Level 2 pimples may develop into Level 3 particularly for all those teenagers who squeeze their pimples.

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Level 3 Different types of pimples on Face and Body

Level 3 type pimples are regarded as serious. The major distinction between Level 2 pimples and Level 3 is the volume of swelling that is found on the skin surface. The skin surface is now definitely red in color and swollen.

Pimples and puss levels have formulated in larger volumes. Level 3 pimples will commonly be noticed in other locations of the body like the neck, shoulders, upper back. And the chest area as well as the face of course. At this level, the possibility of scarring damage gets greater as the infections develop and will become much deeper in the skin.

At this level, you should consult with a skin specialist as they must deal with pimples at this level. Level 3 pimples is generally treated with prescribed medications and solutions. Also if pimples at this level are left without treatment, they may almost definitely progress to Level 4.

Level 4 Different types of pimples on Face and Body

This is the most severe type of pimples which are graded, Level 4 is generally known as cystic pimples. The skin surface will present quite a few pimples with an addition to cysts.

There is a noticeable volume of swelling and outbreaks which are a lot more extreme. These forms of pimples (cysts) are usually quite uncomfortable and painful.

Pimples of this intensity normally expand further than the facial area and may possibly impact the whole upper body such as the back, shoulders, upper arms and the chest area. The infection is profoundly deep and extensive.

These levels of pimples usually leave the affected areas of the skin scarred. All who suffer from Level 4 pimples will have to be treated by a skin specialist. Level 4 has an inclination to be difficult to manage and nearly often demands highly effective prescription drugs in addition to external skin treatments.


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