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How to Earn Money from Youtube by uploading videos

How to Earn Money from Youtube by uploading videos become youtube partner upload videos monetize videos and Earn Money from Youtube. Every Body want to earn money online but can not find right and trusted way to earn handsome income online. Online earning thousands have method but Youtube adsense is one of best and top Online earning method. Which we can use and Earn money from youtube by uploading videos. 2 Types of adsense one of non hosted adsense and other is Hosted adsense. For youtube user can use Hosted Adsense account and for website can use non hosted Adsense. So today i will teach you A to Z full guide how you can earn money from youtube. How youtube will pay you and how much you can earn.

How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos

How youtube works & Pay us

Every Body think how Yotube works and pay us mean what is main source of Youtube Earning. How youtube Earn money with our Videos. We all know youtube is best videos Sharing website in all over the world. Youtube now under Google and Google take’s ads from Advertiser who want to advertise any product or business.  Advertiser pay to Google by adword which is also Google tool. Google display these ads by Adsense tool on our videos and website’s. Google Adsense charge cost per click method (cpc) also pay us cost per click mean every person who watch our videos and click on ads which display on over videos. Adsense pay us 68% of revenue share of every click in simple if advertiser pay to google 10$ Google pay us 6.8$ and remain Google income of google. Hope now you understand How youtube works & Pay us and how we earn money from youtube by uploading videos. Now Lets start how can You make account on youtube and Earn Money from Youtube.

Create Youtube Account

For Earn money from youtube 1st step is create account on Youtube for this You Need one Gmail account if you have no Gmail account you can create here Gmail.com. Now go to Youtube.com and create account just in one click you will create youtube account.

Earn Money from Youtube

Create Youtube Channel 

For upload videos on Youtube and  earn money from youtube we need to Create Youtube Channel which is base on our videos topic. Your channel name must be related with Your videos for example if you will upload video related with Funny Videos then create channel name related with funny videos if we will uplaod videos related with Football then channel must be related with Football. For Create Youtube Channel Go left sidebar of youtube and Just click on My channel in next window Youtube will ask you Your channel name then enter name of Youtube Channel do not Create Youtube Channel  with your name which is default set in this window after write Channel name click on Create Channel Now Your Channel has been Created. After Create Youtube Channel  add profile pic and cover and channel Description.

how to earn money from youtube by uploading videos

Upload Video’s 

After Create Youtube Channel  next step is Upload videos before to upload videos you must know these things.

  • Your video’s should not download from any website or youtube.
  • Your video’s should Your own creation
  • video’s  music should not copy from other videos
  • Your video’s should not Nudity or sexual content
  • You video’s should not base on Spam, misleading metadata, and scams.


If your videos found any these things your video will be remove or your youtube channel will remove. For Upload video’s on Youtube Click on top button of upload which also mention below in image then in next uploading page. You need to select video file from your mobile or computer then add your videos title , Description , tag’s and thumbnail. But if you give title , Description and tag’s according to seo then you will able to more Earn money from youtube for Youtube seo visit this post Youtube video seo optimization. After Give these details click on Publish in few seconds you videos will be live on Youtube.

how to earn money from youtube


Earn Money from Youtube

How to Apply for Youtube Adsense

After upload 1 to 3 videos we apply to adsense which is main thing to Earn money from youtube. 1st of all click on top profile picture and click on Youtube Setting icon as mention below in image. Then in next page View additional features in next page you will see as status and features of your youtube videos and youtube channel. In next step Enable 

earn money from youtube

Address Verification with PIN

PIN stand for Personal Identification Number Google adsense always confirm your address for Identification of your address by sending PIN on your address. When Your 10$  earn money from youtube in your Adsense account Google send 1 page document on your address to verify identity. In this documents mention 5 to 6 digits code which we put in adsense to complete verification.

Earn money from youtube by uploading videos

When Youtube will pay you?

Youtube or Google adsense minimum payment is 100$. Every month of 15th Adsense finalized your payment mean how much payment will  sent you this month and every month of 23th to 28th Send you payment. In adsense we do not need to send payment request to adsense. If your finalized payment is 100$ or above 100$ Adsense send you auto payemnt which you have earn money from youtube.

Adsense payment method

Payment method of adsense according to Our location’s if we in Asia different payment method  if we in Europe then  adsense give us different payment method. Google those most used payment method.

  • EFT.
  • Check.
  • Western Union Quick Cash.
  • SEPA payments.
  • Rapida.
  • Wire transfer.
  • Bank or Payonner Bank

How much Can Earn money from youtube

Honestly speaking now a days very difficult Earn money from youtube because every body want to Earn money from youtube and they upload copy righted videos and i this case adsnse ban or disable adsense account. In the result of this adsense and youtube so much strict but if you do real work and upload own video’s you can easyly earn 200$ to 500$ per month. Also i am attaching my one month earning you can see this.

My Adsense Earning Feb 2016 350$ in One month

 Earn money from youtube

Hope new online earner will make money with adsense with guide of my this effort. Comment below and tell us what is your thoughts about this post and effort if you have any question about How to Earn money from youtube by uploading videos ask below in comment box.

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