Easy Yoga For Beginners at Home Step by Step

What is Yoga And Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is a combination of mind body and soul than when we start breathing help to cover our tough. Because breathing strong our lungs and breathing pattern there are several breathing. Many breathing in yoga when we do it properly then our throat and our lungs are purified and it helped to recover cuff. Also, tell you some yoga creamed about Desi Remedies which is using in our home normally if you can use in the natural wave in our home. It will help us severe and long cough which is normally small children and old age person are facing another thing nowadays the just like there is a winter season in winter season actually muscles and our veins contract and squeeze against my blood circulation is so much low that’s my low feel depression anxiety feel down and not much more active. The temperature of our muscles and our veins and our nervous system shrink oh squeeze our veins after doing yoga. When we stretch and become strong and when we stretch blood flow is frequently going on. When in every part of body blood flow going on then we will feel energetic. We can do best not only body it also helps our brain and our mind

Easy Yoga For Beginners at Home – It gave us such a good feeling and balance of body, mind, and soul. We used to do some Sun Salutations meditations and fellows and breathing exercises. All kinds of yoga and they were amazing and it’s getting so much popular in Europe yeah so moist.

Easy Yoga For Beginners at Home

It increases flexibility in the body when you walk when you sit when you do your normal chores off in the house. You can feel the difference in yourself you feel so much light by doing that. I have experienced it myself and I remember that my weight was decomposed decreasing inches. I don’t remember the weight but in every possible way and obviously, when you start looking good you start looking smart the brain everything boosters in the legs and so that was the best part of my life and I did.

The basic thing is that then in our body blood stopped the diseases start to increase it anywhere in legs in back in the shoulder in the head and everywhere. I told you that in joints are any part of the body then blood is not flowing properly the diseases come to start every type of. Nowadays you can see new diseases are coming we have now if you are not doing any physical activity that’s why I have noticed that there is a marked difference in the ladies in Europe. As compared to no sense of space but as compared to especially because they are they have to give birth to kids and they have to pass through so many spaces physical as well as mental as well. If men but there is no physical activity in Pakistan you know they don’t emphasize on the fact that they should be physically active and when you are physically active aging process it slows down its speed aging people in America and England looks so young at the age of 40 and 50 they look so much younger than us.

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I want you to demonstrate some of the yoga steps that we can do at home as well because I think we are actually very reluctant a lifestyle of going to the gym as well.

Now can you quickly tell me is there a certain time to do yoga like morning evening before or after the meal anything best time is early morning?

Empty Stomach is the best time but after four to three hours after meals, we can do yoga and afternoon at the evening. We can also do before going to bed all right there is also some exercises of bed yoga. There are also exercises office yoga anyplace anywhere basically Yoga is a stretching all right you have to stretch and the second thing after stretching and becoming strong. The diet is most important if you are doing perfect exercise if you are doing perfectly everything breathing meditation and yoga but you are in taking not good that percent only result will come only 50 if you also do a proper healthy and organic diet right then 100% results will come.

Junk food processed food we must avoid processed food we must go to learn nature natural courses. We are guiding please come to virtual nature if a person is not feeling well only one thing remove all artificial thing perverts natural things.

Easy Yoga Poses for Beginners

Virasana asana

China’s Virasana asana this is one of also the poses that you do during your prayers as well in your Namaz too (Only Muslims).  This step was very important because you can literally this helps in the digestion of food right after even if you have had food you right. Easy Yoga For Beginners at Home with Pic’s

Virasana asana Yoga pose

 Now have to focus on the placement of his feet and please see it. It’s the balance and knees a right in place to maintain that balance right. Now, this has to this pose actually the one where if we’re talking about we naturally do it as well. If you offer your prayers as well this can help in you know the balance of your spine as well keeping it straight as well if you have any knee issues it’s going to help as well.

Camel pose

Now in the camel pose, first of all, we are showing you the feet. You have to be on your toes and on your knees and you are really hitting the pressure points over here. I think that is the right thing to do as well can we really focus on the placement of his feet. Both poses are very beneficial for your health as well this helps in your sleep as well. If you look at his feet how he’s placed them to improve your sleeping patterns you know a lot of people have insomnia issues as well. If you cannot sleep at night even at any point in your night just sit your knees it’s gonna help in your sleeping patterns as well and hit the right balance. Easy Yoga For Beginners at Home with pic’s and videos.

Camel pose by hand

 The next pose is called Camel pose by hand you put your both hands on your back right above your hips and take a deep breath inhale deeply and bend backward on your knees. This can actually happen with a lot of practice. you have to adjust your movement according to your own need as well just bend backward this can actually cause maybe a little you know the feeling of nausea or something dizziness as well. It’s gonna happen in the beginning as well you’ll get used to it and in the same camel pose now you have to keep inhaling and exhaling and remove your hands from your back and take them up above in the air. Now bend backward with your hands in the air this does actually look soothing right. it’s really good for your spine as well and for maintaining your general body since your shoulders and your belly area People who are looking to probably lose fat around the belly area. This camel position actually works on your chest your shoulders your belly and your thighs you mentioned right do the same repeat this.

Three to four times you have to repeat this cycle so first of all you get in the Mojo as well and now you have to listen to what your body said you. Don’t push it is what you’re saying is don’t go beyond your capacity of everyone has their own flexibility as well just don’t push it beyond their capacity.

Karen Cow

These poses are with animal names actually that you know when we’re talking about the way of nature and connecting to nature. God actually created such a right balance between. You know all sorts of the creations that he did animals exactly know how to sort of you know balance in the right way. We need to learn from them. You regularly inhaling and exhaling as well while performing all these steps. This is really easy to do at your home as well just by a yoga mat and again inhale deeply. You can on your knees with your hands on the floor as well inhale deeply and then exhale. So you have to put it well while you’re exhaling you have to put your chin down raise your upper. It’s really good for your back again All these poses are actually really good for maintaining your body posture as well it increases the flexibility in the spine. it reduces the aging process because the flexible your spine is the less aging you will go through.

Downward-facing light stretching all right a lot of animals actually stretch this way. But it’s our believes and I think that is true as well if you have seen them they do. Now while phrasing the back you have to get on your toes as well very slowly and this is the last tip is showing you. Have to put your head down chin down back up on your feet while also inhaling and exhaling slowly listen to your body don’t push it beyond the capacity. Because again everyone has their different capacity and straighten legs. Toe for the beginners the heels will not touch the mat so don’t worry about it just keep on practicing every day one day heels will start touching the ground. If not touching the mat don’t worry. Now you have to start pedaling if you are a beginner and I think if you don’t have really flexible legs. You have to pedal your legs and now he has vowed in an upward facing. For a beginner this might actually look very hard to practice. Now this is helping your chest your neck as well your belly all of your this is actually impacting your main areas as well this reduces the double chin thing and now you have to keep doing it for three to four steps and then I think you’re good to go Aspen these were some very basic yoga. Very interesting to first of all learn as well and you can practice it at your home. I think in the early morning is the best time to do that.

Article Easy Yoga For Beginners at Home Written by DR. Ameen from Pakistan Amazing yoga expert a yoga teacher who also happens to be the vice president of warren foundation. He’s also a certified Reiki healing mastery and also a certified hypnotherapist.

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