First Birthday Party Ideas for Boys and Girl

Congratulations You have Reached on 1st Birthday Party Here is Unique Collection of 1st Birthday Party Ideas for  Which will make Your Birthday Perfect. Your kid is about to turn one and to others, it may seem trivial but it really isn’t. It’s a wonderful occasion and well worth celebrating. So your child probably won’t really remember it. But he or she will enjoy the attention. You and everyone you invite will certainly remember it for many years to come. So, you’ll want to make your child’s first birthday as memorable as you can. But first, let us look into a couple of general, yet slightly unusual 1st birthday party ideas. When trying to come up with great 1st Birthday Party Ideas, remember that the kids birthday party ideas can be simple.

1st Birthday Party Ideas

It is going to be a lot of fun for the parents, for the kids that are attending the party, and for those who look at the pictures, so you don’t have to overdo it. However, unless your young child is a genius, it is probable that he or she doesn’t have any specific theme that he or she really is dying to have. So please, have fun decorating the party, get into the spirit of the theme, but don’t try and outdo yourself on this first birthday. Save all the crazy for the child’s second birthday. Also, check Happy Birthday Wishes SMS

Great 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some ideas that can help you make your party as fun as possible for the child who is celebrating his or her special day.

  • Have the party on the weekend, as that is when all of the family can attend. Daddy has to work in the week Mommy also, sometimes. All of the friends of the special birthday child are likely in daycare or with their parents. Weekends are great party opportunities.
  • Plan around the little one’s nap time, meaning that the party is either in the morning (before nap) or in the afternoon (after nap). Baby will be much more likely to be happier and less fussy, making it easier for you as the mom to have a fun party.
  • Don’t plan for the party to be too long. Especially parties in the morning keep the party to an hour or two max. As it will give baby time to have fun, enjoy the cake, open presents, and take a nap (thus giving adults time to have fun after the babies are napping).
  • When planning the party food lists, make sure to find out if there are any allergies in the crowd.
  • Make sure to feed the little one the cake as the final activity before the end of the party. There is no problem if the wrapping paper from the presents gets onto the cake. But the problems will begin when the cake gets on the presents.
  • Make sure to spend some special time with the little one once the guests have left. After all, it is about the little one and his or her loved ones, so get some special Mommy/Daddy/baby cuddle time to close the celebration.

Unique 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Here are a few 1st birthday party ideas to make your child’s birthday a special and memorable time:

  • Film the event on a handheld camcorder, and show it to baby a few years down the line. Capturing the special moments and all the funny stuff that happens in between. This will be a great way to show the child all the fun he or she had when they were turning 1 year old.
  • Set out some pens and print out papers with phrases like “I hope you have …”, “You have changed my life by …”, “I love you because …”, and “Your parents love you because …”. Everyone at the party can take a few moments to write something special for the little one. Which you can then read back to them later (as well as when they get older and can understand what the messages say).
  • Make sure to hire a photographer to snap artsy pictures of your child doing all the first birthday things. Get funny pictures, cute pictures, pictures with favorite friends kissing, hugging, etc. And plenty of pictures with Mommy and Daddy.
  • You can enclose a number of different items in a time capsule, and seal it to be opened on the child’s 18th birthday.

Kids 1st Birthday Party Ideas and Tips

A first birthday party only happens once per child. But you can get some great 1st birthday party ideas and tips from other mothers who have thrown parties for their children. The unique 1st birthday party ideas you can get from them. This will make it easier for you to plan your own party And you can use them to help streamline the party and make it as problem-free as possible. Here are some great birthday party tips and ideas for your party.

  • If you are puzzling over the guest invitation list, think about which relatives and friends the child likes most. There is always a favorite aunt, a close friend, the grandparents, and the one guy he or she always laughs at. These are the people that you should invite to the party. You may want to trim down the guest list or invite the world. But make sure that the child’s favorite people are there on this special day.
  • Keep in mind how much space you have at home. While this is a party for Junior, you don’t want too many people cramming into your house for the party. Keep in mind how much space you have both inside and outside the house. And think about how many people you can realistically invite. Remember that you will not only have to entertain guests but will also (quite literally) have your hands full of the little one the entire time as well.
  • Inviting other toddlers around the same age as your birthday child is one of the best 1st birthday party ideas. But keep the number to no more than five (two or three is best). The purpose of the party is for the parents to have fun as well. And too many small children to take care of makes this party more like work than fun.
  • Consider what kind of food you want to serve. Pasta is definitely not great food for baby, but the pizza is always a popular choice. The idea is that the little ones can eat the food with their hands. So go nuts with the finger food and bite-sized desserts.
  • Remember that your child’s first birthday has one unpredictable factor the child himself or herself. There are likely to be tears, diaper changes, naps, and all the other fun baby issues that you may need to deal with. So don’t plan your party’s schedule too rigidly.
  • Make sure the area where the party is being held is as baby-proof as possible. If you can have your party outside with a special enclosed party area where the babies cannot escape, all the better.
  • Always have enough toys on hand for the little ones that will be playing around. Toys help babies and toddlers to stay occupied (mother’s code language for “out of trouble”). So make sure that you have a wide assortment of age-appropriate toys within easy grabbing distance.
  • Don’t automatically take care of the little one and the party yourself, as you are going to end up going crazy. If you can’t rope your husband into helping you prepare the party, consider getting a close friend to watch the birthday boy or girl for you as you do all the setup, care for the guests, prepare the cake.

1st Birthday Party Ideas For Adults

Once the little ones are fast asleep (nap time has finally come!), now it’s time for the adults to enjoy some good ol’ fashioned adult fun: napping. Just kidding, but you will certainly feel like it after the party that you just finished. The funny thing about being the parent of a young child is that you are much more likely to nap alongside your baby than enjoy time going out or being the wild person you were before baby came around. It will feel great to finally have a few moments to yourself, but don’t fall asleep in your room once baby is down for nap.

1st Birthday Party Ideas – Once the children are asleep, all the adults can sit around the living room and spend some quality time relaxing without hearing the cry of babies. Talk about some of the things you used to do before baby came around, as well as things you never thought you would do before you had children. Talk with some of the other mothers, and enjoy listening to and sharing your funny baby stories.

Most adults that spend a lot of time around small children of this age will usually find that they are drained of energy, so make the adult after party a time when you just enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet before the little ones wake up from nap.

Tips for 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Think of Your Own Experience – You may tend to think and feel that the 1st birthday invitations you send out. And the 1st birthday party you give is all about your kid and your guests, but really, that’s not at all true. It is just as much about yourself as the parents of the 1st birthday child. You deserve to enjoy yourself as you design the 1st birthday invitation, plan the 1st birthday party. Eat the 1st birthday cake and take part in the celebration on that special day. So, please try to think of yourself as well. This is where letting goes off the idea of ‘picture perfect’ is particularly important. Just relax and don’t overdo it all.

Think of Your Kid’s Experience – Imagine being a one-year-old child Everyone around is behaving frantically. Lots of people are coming in and looking at you, cooing over you and maybe tickling you. A giant fuss is being made, a bunch of square and colorful, perhaps glittery boxes are being placed in front of your face. So you poke at them and odds are you’ll only find them interesting if they rattle.

Tips for 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Then something different is being placed in front of you. It has a candle in it, and when you poke it your hand disappears into it. It’s squishy, and now your hand is all dirty. Then, horror of horrors, someone shoves your face into the 1st birthday cake and everybody around you is laughing their head off and taking pictures with flashlights that are blinding you every time you look at them. Sure, all the attention is great, but the flashlights and the noise is tiresome and pretty soon all you want is to be left alone to play around with your blocks. Or, even better, take a nap. So, to make your kid’s first birthday party a success for your kid, you’ll want to put yourself in his or her tiny little shoes. But hold on, that’s not all.

Some Parents Go Nuts You Don’t Have to – Some parents, particularly those who want the absolutely ‘picture perfect’ birthday party, tend to go kind of nuts when their child’s first birthday is coming up and it’s time to send out those 1st birthday invitations. You can do that too if you like, but there’s really no reason why you should. Perfect is just a word in the dictionary, not something that occurs much in real life. And you might want to consider if really great or simply just enjoyable might be better choices here. The whole purpose of a birthday, after all, is for people to enjoy themselves. The birthday child, the guests and you should all be enjoying yourselves.

So the very first of our 1st birthday party ideas or 1st birthday tips would be to relax your expectations and the demands you make of yourselves as parents and hosts. If you’re all stressed out, nobody will be enjoying themselves as much as they might have.

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