Global Warming Fact or Fiction

Global Warming the biggest problem facing the human race in the 21st century is the matter of global warming here is Global Warming Fact or Fiction. It is not a local issue, but a global issue which only international cooperation can resolve. In 100 years we have seen a rise of almost 1 degree.

There are many different views and opinions on what is causing global warming, however, the Global Warming Fact are in general agreed by most scientists and researchers. The Article is probably feeling the most effects of global warming. As the ice rapidly disappears animals and plant species are already suffering from the loss of sea-ice.

Global Warming Fact or Fiction

Montana’s Glacier National Park now only has twenty-seven glaciers due to the rapidly melting mountain snows and glaciers, in 1910 there were 150 glaciers in the Park.

Coral reefs, which are very susceptible to the slightest temperature changes, suffered the worse bleaching, ‘dying off’, due to stress ever recorded in 1998. Some areas had bleaching of over seventy percent. Scientists believe that over the next fifty years, as the sea temperature carries on rising, that these events will increase in both frequency and intensity.

Global Warming Fact
Global Warming Fact

The increase in natural disasters such as heat waves, tropical storms and wildfires, are thought by some experts to be due to climate change and global warming.

Global Warming Fact That man is pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than plants and oceans can absorb it. Industrialization, deforestation, and pollutants produce greenhouses gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitrous oxide, which attribute to heat being trapped near the earth’s surface. As these gases remain in the atmosphere for years if global warming were eliminated global warming would not be stopped immediately.

There are some experts who tell us that the change in the earth’s orbit can also have an effect on global warming, which may be the reason or be part of the reason for the diverse natural occurring weather conditions, which are being experienced around the world. Other research suggests that the variation in the sun’s output may be a cause of global warming; however, this has not been proven or validated.

Recent Global Warming Fact based on a report written regarding the work of over two and a half thousand scientists in over one hundred and thirty countries concluded that humans were the cause of all or the majority of the current planetary warming. Global warming caused by humans is often called and known as anthropogenic climate change.

The truth about global warming is that planet Earth is going through a warming phase for whatever reasons. The argument continues as to whether it is part of a natural cycle, or has been induced by human industrial activity.

At this stage, the reasons are relatively unimportant, but global warming is a fact, and unless treated seriously, the outcomes of the effect the warming process will have on the world’s climate are unknown.

Global Warming Fact

–          The rapid melting of glaciers in the northern hemisphere, especially within the Arctic circle. Huge chunks of ice breaking away from the Antarctic land mass.

–          Global Warming Fact Changes in rainfall patterns. Witness the very recent flooding in Pakistan and China.

–          Wildfires caused by heat waves in normally temperate zones. Witness recent events in Australia and the USA.

–           Natural ecosystems are being affected, with changes being observed around the whole planet in, the nesting habits of birds, salmon migration, plant growth times, and pollen production.

–          The reduction in the populations of some animal species like the arctic penguin and polar bears.

All of the above events are real, they are not just a theory that the temperature of planet Earth is increasing. Any person viewing TV or who lives in an affected area know, Global Warming Fact!

Apart from the factual evidence of global warming taking place now. The other fact often disregarded is that its effects are only just beginning to show. We do not know of its long-term effect, or how the world’s climate will change as a result.

What we do know and again it is factual, and not a theory, Global Warming Fact is that climate change is underway also. During the last 3 decades alone the areas of our planet which suffer drought conditions has doubled. Whilst locations usually enjoying stable climatic conditions have been devastated by hurricanes, storms, floods and widespread fires. This havoc brought about by global warming has cost thousands of lives, destroyed much infrastructure and ruined the economies of many of the poorer countries affected.

What should be treated by international organizations as a very serious global social issue is often turned into a political issue. It has now been nearly two decades since the first international attempt, at Kyoto was made, to get to grips with the problem seen as being the cause of global warming.

Global Warming Fact In real terms very little has been achieved. Politicians bargain about ‘carbon credits’ and the carbon emissions continue. The pollutant gases which have been poured into the atmosphere already will continue to have an adverse effect for many years to come.  Current generations will have to bear the consequences, but proper control exercised internationally now could at least give future generations a chance.

Global Warming Fact or Fiction

  • The very fast rise in global temperature is bound to have serious effects and implications for climate change and weather systems.
  • There is strong evidence to suggest that our earth’s temperature will continue to rise of the next century.
  • nothing is done about greenhouse gas emissions the earth’s temperature could rise by 4 degrees in the next 100 years
  • Evidence of the earth susceptibility to these changes has been found and it is even possible that rainforests may begin to emit carbon as a reaction to climate change.
  • The levels of the oceans have measurably risen by around 20cms in the last 100 years.>
  • Global Warming Fact If nothing is done we may see a rise of anything up to 100 cms in the next century.

Climate change and global warming.

  • Based on scientific evidence human behavior has influenced the natural process of global warming that was happening anyway.
  • Heat from the sun heats up the planet’s surface and oceans, water vapor and clouds reflect some of this heat back.
  • Global Warming Fact Greenhouse gases such as water vapor, CO2, and methane trap this heat from the sun.
  • The excessive production of greenhouse gases by humans started in the 1900’s with the industrial revolution
  • Burning fossil fuels is the main contributor to CO2.
  • Animal farming and the increase in rice paddies has had a significant effect on methane.

What will happen?

  • The earth is likely to see an increase in extreme weather as well as an increase in warm days and a reduction in cooler days.
  • These changes will bring with them increases in droughts and water shortages as well as increased flooding in some areas. ABD weather comes in many forms and it is likely that we will not be able to predict what happens next.
  • Global Warming Fact Animals and plants are likely to be unable to adapt to these changes well.

How can we change this?

  • Our main contribution should be a reduction in the number of fossil fuels we burn. This can be in the form of alternative sources of energy or reducing our need for energy.
  • Technological advances in the durning of carbon dioxide producing fuels
  • An increase of use of natural gas
  • Global Warming Fact Develop alternative energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and wave machines.
  • Protecting the rainforests and existing plant life as well as developing new forests and improving the use of land.
  • Nuclear power comes with its own problems but is a solution to global warming
  • Global Warming Fact There is the possibility of nuclear fusion but this is still under development.
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