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How to avoid pimples on face 5 tips

How to avoid pimples – Hi, Guys Hope you will fine Today i am with you one more important topic related with you skin that is called avoid pimplesIts very common issue in these days not with Girls also with boys facing pimples issue on face. Today i will tell you and Give you tips about How to avoid pimples on face. Because pimples when grow up when very hard to remove pimples. So make sure you get these tips and use these. I insure this well help you a lot to avoid pimples on face.  So Lets start our tips.

How to avoid pimples

How to avoid pimples 5 Tips

1. Always Clean your face and wash

That is very great and important tip to avoid pimples on your face Always clean your face and wash face twice  day or three to four time in day. Its very help you to avoid pimples on your face.

2. Away Oil from your face

Oil is most important factor which help to grow  pimples on your face. So keep Away oil from your face in this case when you smear oil on hair and hair touched on face so stop hair away from your face.

3. Get sleep enough Every Night

Sleep is very important parts play in our health also same with face if you got sound and enough sleep then i sure pimples away from you face and body. So must Get complete and sound sleep every day/Night.

4. Keep away hands from yoyr face

One of most important factor which part to play grow pimples on our face when we dirty hand touched on face then how can pimples away from our face. So try to away dirty hands from face.

5. Eat Healthy without carbohydrates

How to avoid pimples – Our food also very effect our face and all body make sure our food very health and without carbohydrates food. Carbohydrates help to grow pimples on face.

Hope these tips will help you to avoid pimples from your face. Must share this with your friends Please must share your thoughts and also experience of these tips. Thanks

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