How to increase cpc of Adsense Working Method

How to increase cpc of Adsense and Youtube this will work with your Adsense and you will earn handsome income with Adsense. Adsense is the best publishing Network where user and publisher can earn income. But Adsense mostly gives low cpc click and every one publisher asking for how to increase cpc of Adsense and youtube. But they do not know that is not trick just do some tip to block low cpc ads and use high paying keywords. So today I will you how to increase CPC of adsense and youtube. I will give you some tips to block low cpc ads in your Adsense account. I am giving you somewhere you can block low cpc ads.

How to increase cpc of Adsense
How to increase cpc of Adsense

How to increase cpc of adsense and youtube

1. Block ads of Network Ads for increase cpc
Open adsense and Go to Allow & block ads then Go to Ad Networks. Scroll down the page and find block ads all and click it. Then Go to and copy ad Network name from Adsense and paste in keywordspy and Search. Then will show you cpc of this network if cpc low then leaves this Network. All ad Network check one by one if any ad network has Good and high cpc then Allow this Network ads by click on Allow ads in Adsense account. This way you will block all these ads which have low cpc and allow those ads which have high cpc rate.

2. Block ads of Sensitive categories for increase cpc:

This same step like last step we done. Open adsense again and Go to Allow & block then go to Sensitive categories and block all these ads because these ads have very low cpc. If you wish to check these ads cpc then go to and by copy paste check but i insure you  should block these ads.

3. Increase cpc by using high paying keywords

In previous we blocked low cpc ads now we go to high cpc ads. in these way you should put high pay keyword content on site. That is way we bring for you full details of Adsense high paying keywords. You can check here Top 10 Adsense high paying keywords for Youtube. After in these steps you will receivable to increase cpc. Hope you will get information about How to increase cpc of Adsense.

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