How to Make Money on YouTube online by Adsense

Learn How to Make Money on youtube online by Adsense by Uploading Own Video On Youtube and Monetize Your Video with Adsense and Earn Handsome income Online. Online Earning Hundred of the method in 2018  in this method also  How to Make Money on YouTube with Adsense. I think this is the most used method of online Earning which is absolutely free. Many people know this method but I will tell you in Advanced level which will really help you to online Earning without any investment. 1st you must know about how youtube works and who pay’s you and how you can work on Youtube?. Everybody knows Youtube owner is Google and Google also own Adsense.

How to Make Money on YouTube


Adsense is publisher ads network which paying for display ads. Youtube pay you when you put adsense on your Youtube videos and this way How to Make Money on YouTube. Adsense in 2018 most paying publisher network and thousands of online Earner attach with Youtube adsense. Adsense 2 type of one is non hosted and other is hosted. Non hosted adsense showing ads on Website and Hosted adsense showing ads on Youtube videos.

Create Youtube Account

Let’s Start how to make Youtube hosted Adsense account. 1st go to create an account with  Gmail account. If you do not have Gmail account then simply Go to and Create Account with own Details.

Create Channel with Desire Name

How to Make Money on youtube 1

Go To Youtube Account Setting create Channel Name with Desire Name. Chose Channel Always according to Your Videos Like If you will Upload Education Video then Take Name like “Education Hub” or “Education School Online”

Upload Videos Content

How to Get Free Views On Youtube 2

In This Step Upload Video with Content and Try To Upload Quality Video and Make Sure Your Videos and Content not Copy Righted. Youtube block Those channels which Upload Copy Righted Content and Videos. And also do Seo of Video and Rank Videos On 1st page. If you no idea How to Seo Of Video then Read this How to Rank Youtube Video On 1st Page with SEO in this way you will Get free View How to Get Free Views On Youtube.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Enable Video Monetization

How to Make Money on youtube

After upload videos Go to channel settings then go to monetization feature. This Means Youtube will show ads on Your videos and Your Earning Will Start. Check Below screenshot.

Meet Video Requirements of YouTube

Recently Youtube Start Video Requirements of YouTube Before this will happen. But Now Your Video Must Meet Video Requirements of YouTube which is 4000 hours watch Time of Video and 1000 subscribers on Channels then Your Video Will start Earning.

Sign up Adsense

How to Make Money on YouTube – When You will enable Video monetization in 2nd last Step Adsense you will be redirected to Adsense page where you will log in with Gmail account and in next step Adsense will ask Basic information like Your name email address you current address do not use fake email name or address because Google will verify your address and will send you payment on your name. After writing information and verify fone number and submit an application and next 1 to 2 days Google reply you in your email it will confirm you your hosted Adsense account has been approved.

How Youtube Makes Money and Payment

How to Make Money on YouTube – Then promote your channel and videos in every signal views and click google pay which will display you on your Adsense. After making 10$ Adsense will send you to pin on your home address which will verify your address. After make 100$ in your Adsense youtube Adsense will send you payment which method you have a selection. AdSense payment method depends on your country every country has a different payment method.  These are

  • Checks
  • Electronic
  • Funds Transfer
  • EFT via Single Euro Payments Area
  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union Quick Cash

Hope you learn a lot about How to Make Money on YouTube online by Adsense if you have any question about How Youtube makes money question below. If you like this share on Facebook and Google plus.

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