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How to make wordpress website 2018

How to make WordPress website 2018 Step by Step Guide with Full Details Now Make own site with a full tutorial on How to make WordPress website 2018. Everyone knows nowadays online earning so hard. But if you try with the true way and try hard work it’s not difficult to Earn Online. So I will guide online make money ways and How to make WordPress website. But you need to learn these things which I will tell you. In this topic, our main point is  Ways to make money online with the website. Mean I will tell you how many ways to make money with own website. I will give an easy and simple method which you learn easily How to make WordPress website and sure this will help you to Earn money online. Lets Start…!!!!

How to make wordpress website 2018

How to make WordPress website 2018

If you want to earn money with the website then you must learn How to make WordPress website within no time.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is CMS script which is free of cost. You can download and upload to the server and install then do some setting then your website is ready. Now I will guide you in details.

How to make WordPress website 2018 – 1st of all you need Hosting with domain and WordPress script which you can download from this link Download WordPress. After Download this upload, this on hosting server then make MYSQdatabasese and put into WordPress and install. Do not worry I will give you the video which more easy for you.After installing login into WordPress site select any theme which you want and so some basic setting and custom site you do some effort.

How to make WordPress website  2018– After creating a full WordPress website and do SEO. You do not know about SEO? Don’t worry I have this guide also on this site can you can by using this link Seo Guide.  After seo, you give social signals to your website. And regularly check your website ranking. After ranked your web you will earn 1000$ a month. For making a good WordPress site watch this full video. Hope you will understand How to make WordPress website within no time. Please if you like must share on facebook google plus and comment below if you have any question. Thanks

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