How to Prevent Global Warming

How to Prevent Global Warming and Make proper ecological balance and a healthy environment for human Steps To Be Taken To Prevent Global Warming. Many of us question the legitimacy of global warming and climate change. While participating in the climate change camps, we tend to realize the importance of becoming a good steward towards the environment. Irrespective of whichever part of the world you belong to and whatever is your age is each and every one of us can contribute in our own ways for reducing the effects of global warming and climate change.

How to Prevent Global Warming

Steps To Be Taken To Prevent Global Warming and Climate Change

  • It is the responsibility of the parents to generate awareness among children about the ill effects of global warming and climate change. Children must be thought to switch off lights and fans when not in use. The TV should be turned off when nobody is watching. These are some instructions which can be given out to children in a playful manner as well.
  • Make sure you are not purchasing bottled water. These plastics create millions of tons of waste that emits hazardous gases in the atmosphere. Nonplastic metal refillable water bottles can be carried while you are touring with your family. Moreover, these metal bottles are not very costly and the price comes down to the price of plastic bottles only. These are the best option if you are concerned about environmental degradation and trying to reverse the effects of global warming and climate change. There is the specific line of bottles offered by Sigg a Swiss manufacturer which has become a very popular option all over the world.
  • How to Prevent Global Warming Combining trips is another option which helps to reduce the emission of harmful gases from vehicles. After dropping your Daughter/Son to school, you can complete all the grocery shopping while returning home. This is the best way to reduce carbon emissions which primarily leads to global warming and climate change.
  • While you are remodeling your home, it is advisable you use green building supplies. These materials are made of sustainable source materials following environment-friendly production methods. This helps to reduce the emission of toxic gases and improve the overall quality of air. Old-growth forests and the other precious natural resources can be easily preserved with the exercise of a little bit of caution.
  • There are a number of programs and campaigns going around the world for combating global warming and climate change. One such program is the for Greenpeace’s 7 Step Climate Change Challenge in which you can participate and generate further awareness among the locals about the steps which can be taken for reducing the effects of global warming and climate change. Only with a little bit of consciousness and effort, one can bring about significant changes in the living conditions. Some very simple steps like replacing the regular lights with eco-friendly lights, switching off electricity when not in use are emphasized by Greenpeace’s 7 Step Climate Change Challenge.
how to prevent global warming
how to prevent global warming

How to Prevent Global Warming

  • Carry out regular maintenance on your heating system and air conditioner.
  • Go for modern energy-saving home appliances.
  • Stop using the standby button. On off is almost as convenient and much cheaper.
  • Improve the insulation of your hot water tank. If you never have your thermostat any higher than 50 degrees centigrade that too reduces energy use.
  • Place your white goods (freezer and refrigerator) in a cooler room. Obviously the cooler the air the less work they have to do.
  • Maintain a regular defrosting cycle on your freezer or better yet get a modern frost free on.
  • Double glaze your home. This can reduce your energy expenditure by up to half.
  • A lot of energy companies offer to conduct a survey of your home for energy efficiency. This audit can help you make money and energy saving changes
  • Change your cooking style – cover your cooking pans.
  • Don’t turn on either the washing machine or the dishwasher until you have filled it.
  • A shower is many times more efficient than a bath. Make your a baths a treat.
  • How to Prevent Global Warming Stop using your tumble dryer and use a washing line instead
  • Almost all homes can improve their wall and ceiling insulation. Get a reputable company to have a look.
  • Visit the bottle bank and the recycling bins. A few moments on home recycling can save huge amounts of energy.
  • Buying larger containers of food and liquids means you reduce your waste products. Looking for recycled goods adds to your contribution.
  • Products that come in refill form or that have little or no packing around them reduces your waste even further.
  • Take your old shopping bags with you and reuse them.
  • Go horticultural – plant a tree. Not only will you feel good but it also absorbs CO2 and produces oxygen.
  • If you have the option go for a supplier of energy that incorporates wind and solar energy.
  • Get your food from local suppliers so as to reduce the transportation impact.
  • Where possible choose the fresh option over the frozen option. Frozen food takes ten times the energy to produce than fresh food.
  • The use of organic soils means that greater amounts of CO2 are kept within the soil. So buy organic when you can.
  • Animal farming is the main cause of methane production. Eat less meat and you will be reducing methane in our atmosphere
  • How to Prevent Global Warming Use your feet when you can to get to work or wherever you need to go. If you can’t then try sharing lifts, biking or public transport.
  • Take your roof rack off. Keep your car well maintained and you will save a lot of fuel consumption.
  • Drive more slowly, properly inflate your tires and turn the engine off when stationary.
  • Buy modern more fuel-efficient cars.
  • Airplanes use an enormous amount of fuel. Take less trips where flying is involved.
  • Influence those around you to take up some of your initiatives.
  • March for the planet. The virtual march looks to develop activities on the global warming issue.
  • Contact your governmental representative and push your point about global warming.
  • How to Prevent Global Warming Swapping normal light bulbs for the energy saving kind.
  • Use a thermostat that you can program so as to avoid heating or cooling rooms unnecessarily.
  • Make a two-degree adjustment in your temperature controls – 2 degrees down in winter and 2 degrees up in summer.
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By virtue of the print media and the electronic media, people all over the world today are aware of global warming and climate change and Prevent Global Warming. All that is required is combined effort to maintain proper ecological balance and a healthy environment.

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