How to Seo WordPress website with Yoast plugin

How to Seo WordPress website with Yoast plugin and Rank keyword in Search Engine Best Tips and Techniques with a Different way to Seo WordPress website using Yoast plugin website. Most people use WordPress for making a website so I will tell you how to do SEO of WordPress website with Yoast SEO plugin. This method very easy and I will show as possible Is I can easy method. Also, Check How to make wordpress website 2018

What is Yoast Seo plugin?

Yoast Seo plugin gives you on time analyzing on page SEO like How much keywords we can use in Article. Yoast SEO plugin which bases on SEO (Search engine optimization) which help you to optimization website and content. With help of this plugin, you don’t need any skills just follow rules which I will tell you. Just follow these then you will able to make 100% Seo optimized Article and rank any website and keyword in Search engine. Because WordPress already Search engine friendly website. After this tutorial, you will able to do WordPress seo of any website.

How to Seo WordPress website with Yoast plugin


How to Seo WordPress website with Yoast plugin

1st of all you need to install Yoast SEO plugin from WordPress plugin for How to SEO WordPress website. After installing this plugin activate it after activation you need to a basic setting like your site name, Url meta keyword your name company act. Then you need to link Yoast SEO plugin and google account this very helps to the rank website.

How to SEO WordPress website – After link Yoast SEO plugin and google account you need to verify website through bing google and yahoo. Now Yoast SEO plugin is ready for use. Now write any content which you want to display. But before you write anything you need to learn these Rules of SEO. Also, Check List of High Authority Backlinks Dofollow Sites

10 Tips for Using Yoast Seo plugin in WordPress Website

1. The keyword density not over the  2.5% maximum of your content in WordPress SEO.

2. Your content title must 5 to 7 words not more than.

3. Content recommended the minimum of 300 words more than its very Good.

4. Focus keyword appears in the URL for this page or post in WordPress SEO.

5. Meta description has been specified. Must less than 25 and more than 20 words.

6. Must image alt with the keyword.

7. Must h2 heading in content with the keyword in WordPress SEO.

8. Not use the keyword before this.

9. Sentences contain not more than 20 words.

10. Paragraphs must less than 150 words.

Note: In Youst SEO plugin Yoast guide these rules.

How to Seo WordPress website – Now write your content according to these Rules I am sure if you follow these rules your content will be rank also your web. I have ranked websites base on these rules. In next topic, i will discuss on Do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks. Also must comment on this post Thanks.

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