Latest Abaya Designs 2021 in Pakistan

The abaya makes a woman’s personality attractive and beautiful as well as fulfills the purpose of the veil but it is not necessary to be fashionable along with the veil, today we will tell you some of the designs of abaya which are also in fashion. And they can set your personality apart.

Latest Abaya Designs 2021 in Pakistan

Here we are going to tell you some of the 5 best abaya styles that can make your style the best.

Moroccan style abaya:
Moroccan clothes are considered to be so luxurious, comfortable that everyone loves to wear them, but it is also a trending fashion. It is made by applying a delicate seam (lace) on a soft and fluffy fabric. The simplicity of is its identity, Hijab Al-Hareem is a famous abaya brand which is very popular in Morocco style abaya.

Latest Abaya Designs in Pakistan
Latest Abaya Designs 2021 in Pakistan

Kaftan style abaya:
The second most popular and best abaya is the kaftan style abaya. These are long and wide abayas and you can set them to your liking. They are easy to wear and handle. They can be used in general ceremonies as well as weddings. Most people wear kaftan abaya because it is long, comfortable and also embroidered on it to wear at weddings. Al-Meera is a well-known fashion brand whose abayas are unique and beautiful.

Floral style abaya:
These abayas are unique in themselves, the beautiful and colorful floral print on the light chiffon fabric adds four moons to their beauty, the floral abayas enhance the beauty and look attractive without their flowers and colors. ۔

Butterfly (butterfly) style abaya:
The Butterfly Abaya of Hijab Al-Haram is very beautiful and different. Nowadays women like this abaya very much because they feel comfortable in it. They are loose and comfortable due to their unique feature like butterfly wings. Secondly, they are also very fashionable. These butterfly robes are made using silk, chiffon and silk fabrics.

Bat Wing Style Abaya:
Women who like to wear long and big sleeves love this style of abaya because it has bat-winged sleeves that highlight the best style and fashion, by Almeera Fashion Brand. The bat wing style abaya is made using very attractive colors and stones.

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