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How to SEO for wordpress Step by step full guide

How to SEO for wordpress Step by step full guide with example and rank any website in Search Engine. Learn Full SEO for wordpress and rank top in Google and yahoo. SEO in now days very demanding full skills which is not hard to learn and after learn SEO we can rank any website. After came of Google change things recording to SEO and Rank website’s in Google. Google make SEO professional and more complex. But if we do SEO in professional way we can rank any website. Today i will teach you how you can do SEO for wordpress website Step by step with example. I will teach in simple and easy method which is very help full to rank website in any search Engine. So lets Start How to SEO for wordpress Step by step with example.

Friendly Design SEO for wordpress
SEO is name of Search Engine Optimization mean make website friendly for Search Engine. So in WordPress use simple and friendly theme use easy to use and looking nice. Do not use any dark color which disturb to use. I recommend you use Sahifa theme which is best for Seo also you can use free theme.

How to SEO for wordpress Step by step

Plugin SEO for wordpress
In wordpress many Plugin’s use for SEO but 2 plugin’s is very best and on top. One is All in One SEO and 2nd Yoast SEO plugin. Both plugin’s are very good according to own work. Yoast SEO plugin is very key for who’s nothing know about SEO because Yoast SEO plugin suggest you how You can write a perfect article according to SEO.

Yoast SEO Vs All in One SEO

But i found one issue with Yoast SEO plugin. When we add meta title and meta Deception in special Yoast SEO Setting plugin for showing this in Search Engine. But this will not show this meta title and meta Deception many time in search Engine. Search engine will pick original meta title and meta Deception from post. For Use of Yoast SEO plugin Visit here. In other hand All in One SEO will always show meta title and meta Deception of post which you will give in All in One SEO post setting. So i highly recommend you All in one Seo for wordpress. For use of All in One Seo visit here. Also check All in One SEO pack vs yoast Seo plugin

How to SEO for wordpress

Setting SEO Plugin
Seo plugin all setting will on default when you install and activate 1st time All in One SEO Plugin in your wordpress site. But you need to do some change setting which help you in rank webiste. I have install All in One Seo and tell you which setting to change.
1. Go to All in One Seo Plugin > General Setting > Use Original title > Disable
This setting you must disable when you use different Post title from Search Engine title. If you want use same title as in search Engine and in post then do in change. But i recommend you do Disable and use different title for post and for Search Engine.seo for wordpress

2. Scroll Down > Home Page Setting
In these setthings You can give here Home page Title also Home page Description. In Description use Keywprds telated with your website topic’s. Your Home page Title must between 40 to 50 chars and Description 100 to 150 chars.seo for wordpress setting in seo plugin

3. Scroll Down > Title Settings
In title Settings post title format remove ” | %blog_title% ” because in search Engine with post always Show yout website name which is not good for SEO. So i recommend you remove this tag from post title format its very effective Seo for WordPress.

seo for wordpress setting in seo plugin

4. Scroll Down > Webmaster Verification
If you not verify Google , Bing webmaster then verify if you have already verified then leave it. After do these settings Click Update Settings.

How to SEO for wordpress

Keywords Research SEO for wordpress
In SEO 1st thing you need is Keyword Research i can give you 100% guaranty if you search best keywords your website will rank fast and with in no time. Now question is that what is best keywords? In shortly those keywords which never used before you also you can use different tool’s and website which will tell you and suggest you these type of keywords which you can use on wordpress website. For full details of how to search best keyword for wordpress website visit here.

Meta Title and Meta Deception
Meta Title and Meta Deception Always very important factor for Seo website. On Meta Title and Meta Deception your post will be rank in Search engine Also use One time Keyword in Your Title and two time in Meta Deception. Your Post Meta title must between 5 to 10 words and Meta Deception between 15 to 25 words.

Website Post Content SEO for wordpress

Post content is also very important factor to rank website in Seach engine. Health content always rank fast and quickly other hand week content always trouble. Don not use copy right content or spin content our post must between 300 to 1000 words. For write Good Content according to seo visit.

Keyword density SEO for wordpress
Keywords is main blood in SEO we can use keywords 2.5% of content. Do not use over step’s keywords which not according to rules of SEO. For wrote fully seo content visit this post.

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I sure if you follow my this post to do seo for wordpress your website will rank quickly. If You have any question please comment below and ask any question. Share this post on facebook and Google plus which will help to other.

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