How Can I Take Care of Newborn Baby at Home

Preparations for the arrival of the new-born little guest begin months in advance. Not only the child’s parents but also other loved ones and relatives are overjoyed with the good news. From the very beginning of the newborn’s birth. It is very important to take care of the child. If the small needs of the child are not taken care of properly or neglected, then there are many health problems. This affects not only the children but the whole family. Here are some newborn care services.

In most families, the tradition of licking honey is seen only a few months after birth. Apparently, they are trying to provide nutrition to the children, but in reality, doing so is harmful to the children. Adding honey to the diet of children under one year of age can lead to diseases such as botulism.

Therefore, honey should not be used as baby food. Newborns should not be fed from the feeder for the first 3 months and some medical experts for 6 months. However, they insist on feeding natural milk, ie sherma. In case of unavailability of natural milk, canned milk should always be chosen on the advice of a doctor.

How Can I Take Care of Newborn Baby at Home

When sleeping, always make sure that the children are lying upright, not on their backs or on their stomachs. This is because newborns do not have the ability to turn, which means that if they have any difficulty in breathing due to inversion, they are unable to change their direction. It is better to lay them upright in the early days than to take them.

Babies’ cribs should always be soft and supple, and it is best to have a soft mattress cover on the top of the nets around them, as well as if the baby’s crib is a short distance from your bed. Protect the baby with blankets, pillows and soft toys so that the baby does not get hurt during the crotch.

Take Care of Newborn Baby at Home

Also, avoid sleeping with your children as sometimes parents can push their children to sleep which can cause severe damage to them. Newborn babies with the soft and weak body can get hurt. Do not keep the newborn’s room separate. If there is room in the room, it is better, otherwise, some children sleep in the same room with their mother and child and wake up in the morning. If the mother is present near these morning babies, she will be able to feel their needs immediately.

When dressing children in the summer season, make sure that the fabric is light and airy. For example, cotton fabrics are the best choice in this regard. The material of children’s clothing available in the market today is usually Cambric. , Is georgette or nylon, which is equal to the passage of air.

At the same time, wearing these clothes for a long time can lead to risers etc. It is wise to choose children’s clothes which will be a source of comfort for both you and the baby. It is very important to keep it flowing. Of course, cambric and nylon garments are very well designed and elegant, but these garments are for winter use.
Or events that can be worn where the air conditioning works.

Despite the immunizations that are given after birth, babies sometimes get sick with allergies, the most common cause being air fresheners or perfumes used in homes and vehicles, even with minimal use. It is harmful to children’s health because they contain deadly chemicals that can cause children to catch colds and respiratory illnesses.

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