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Top 10 Adsense high paying keywords 2019

Top 10 Adsense high paying keywords 2019 which help you to Earn lot money with Adsense so use these Top 10 Adsense high paying keywords 2019. How you can increase the cost per click of Adsense with high paying keywords. Google Adsense is best publisher network where website, blog owner can earn handsome earning by Publishing ads on website or blog. Almost 2 million users now attach with Adsense and earn very Good income. But problem is that Google paying per click. Mostly ads have low CPC (cost per click) and some of the ads have very good CPC 1$ to 5$. Question is how we can find these ads because Google Adsense showing auto ads according to content, country, and user interest. So today I will tell you how you can try to show high CPC ads with Adsense high paying keywords. high cpc keywords for Youtube

Top 10 Adsense high paying keywords
Top 10 Adsense high paying keywords

Adsense mostly show ads with keywords mean if your post topic is Education then Google will show Education ads on your site. If your site news base then Google will show News base or same with this topic. Now this thing is clear Google Adsense show ads according to the keyword. Question is which ads high cpc and which ads low cpc. One more thing I want to tell you also google show ads according to the country. If you in India or in Asian side you will get mostly low cpc (cost per click). But in another hand, if you in Europe side you will get mostly high cpc ads click.

Let talk about which Adsense high paying keywords show high cpc ads. If we talk about main Topic then 2 or 3 main topics which high paying keywords ads. Which is Education, Insurance, and Laws & Lawyers. But Adsense high paying keywords in most number if I talk about all keywords then I think time will over. I will point out top high paying keywords on this topic. Which is mention below.

Top 10 high paying keywords:

1. Insurance: I think this is very high paying keywords on AdSense which give 1$ to 10$ CPC. You can use the keyword on site content that’s not only one keyword. Its contain 100 of a word like Car Insurance Quotes Colorado, Car Insurance Quotes Utah, Life Insurance Co Lincoln, Online Motor Insurance Quotes. Car Insurance Quotes MN, Cheap Auto Insurance in VA, Car Insurance Companies, Auto Mobile Insurance Quote. On these Insurance Keywords very high cpc and you can work on these keywords.

2. Loans: On other very Good and high cpc( cost per click) keyword. Also this keyword contains high number of keywords you can say these keywords are sub keywords of Loans. Sub keyword of Loans is structured settlement loans, Personal loans, Credit loans, business loans, car loans and auto loans. You can write on these topic and that’s keyword help you to increase cpc.

3. Mortgage: This also has very high cost per click you can use this for the topic of your website. Mortgage sub-keywords are mortgage rates, mortgage calculator, Mortgage Adviser, mortgage interest rates and second mortgage.

4. Attorney: You can use this keyword for high cpc ads this very high paying keywords. Attorney have sub keyword are an attorney at law, Automobile Accident Attorney and Auto Accident Attorney.

5. Credit: sub keyword is Donate Car for Tax Credit, Low Credit Line Credit Cards, and bad credit mortgage.
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Top 10 high paying keywords:

6. Lawyer: This keyword also have lots high cpc sub keyword like Car Accident Lawyers ,
Criminal lawyer Miami , Personal Injury Lawyers and Injury Lawyers.

7. Donate: Sub keywords are Donate Car to Charity California , Donate Car for Tax Credit , Donate Cars in MA , Donate Your Car Sacramento and Donate Your Car for Kids.

8. Degree: most high paying keywords using in 2016 that keyword very high cpc ads 1$ to 10$. Other keywords of Degree are Online Criminal Justice Degree , Online Degree , Online MBA , Online Diploma , Study in UK and Study in Australia.

9. Hosting: On Adword lots new and old hosting websites advertisement of own site on high paying keywords and Publisher also earn high cpc click through these keyword. Hosting other keyword are Dedicated Hosting , Dedicated Server Hosting , Cheap domian and VPS Server.

10. Claim: is very high paying keywords. This keywords very use in Europe side to claim of injury , claim of insurance , claim of Health insurance atc.

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