What is Seo and How it works with website & Videos

What is Seo and How it works with our Blog , website or Youtube videos. Seo Stand for Search Engine Optimization which is technique or method to get free of cost traffic from Search Engine like Google , Yahoo or Bing.

What is Seo and How it works

What is Seo and How it works

What is Seo (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is technique and professional way to get rank in Google or any Search Engine. Today i will tell in shortly about What is Seo and How it works. In coming up post i will guide you how to do seo of any Blog , website or Youtube Video’s. In Early 2001 area people not considered SEO as profession but now in 2017 , 2018 SEO become most professional and more demanding Skills in IT field. Designing and developing skill’s also very high rated in these area but Seo is Hard of any website which you want to rank in Google or any Search Engine.

Early Age of Seo and How was it work

What is Seo and How it works – In Early age of Search Engine Seo is not hard just add meta Title , meta Description and tag’s. Which related with our content and we got rank in Search Engine. But when Google came and change things very fast and quickly. Google introduced professional way and method to get rank any any Search Engine. Google introduced lot’s a Technic and tool’s which is must follow to rank in Search Engine’s. When Google introduced these technique and tool’s thousands of website’s were ban and remove from Google because they were not follow these thing.

How SEO works

What is Seo and How it works – After the came of Google area SEO not a child play which every body can do. Now its become professional and more complex and day by day more things Google adding in SEO. If we talk about How seo works that is very hard Because nobody know’s how Google work’s. How much and which algorithm & tool Google using behind the page’s. But in front page’s of google search Engine Google work’s simple. Google check these of thing which mention below then give place to any website , Blog or any videos to rank in Google first page.

What is Seo and How it works

What is Seo and How it works

Google use lot’s Algorithm in Search Engine which check our website and content. Google Panda Algorithm check our site , Blog or video content. If our website High Quality then Google give our website or video place in Google other wise Google de indexed or de rank in Google. Google check very closely our content then ranked our websites. If our website content copy righted then google ban our website.

What is Seo and How it works – Keywords main blood of SEO and Google always focus on keywords. Like if user search “Islamic Videos” then Google insure all result will related with keywords. That is why keyword research most important in SEO because we always we use keyword in meta title and meta description. Also Google very closely check Keywords in our content if we use overstep keywords then google ban over site. we can use keyword in content 2.5% of content.

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Google check back links of our website how much website carrying back links no other website’s. Social signals also very considered how much people like our content on social networks’s. Hope you understand What is Seo and How it works. I know you have many question about How to do seo. For Youtube Videos Seo visit How to Youtube video seo optimization. In next post i will explain how to do Seo of website step by step so keep visiting. Still If you have any question so please ask below in comment box. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook and Google plus.

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