How to Youtube video seo optimization

How to Youtube video seo optimization for rank videos in Youtube and Google and Earn more more money with Youtube video seo optimization. In 2017 so much Craze of Online earning and Online Earning big and trusted source is Youtube videos Monetize which you can upload videos and Monetize videos and Earn money money. But its very difficult to get huge number of view’s to earn handsome Earning in every month.  Because thousands of videos upload in every day and in this way you can not get huge number of view’s. But if you optimization of your video’s with Seo you can get thousands of view’s in every day but you must learn How to Youtube video seo optimization and how to rank Youtube videos in Youtube and Google. Today i will teach you A to Z full details how you can Youtube video seo optimization. If You want to rank videos in youtube and Google must follow these below step’s with carefully keywords research.

Youtube video seo optimization

1. Keywords Research for Youtube video seo optimization

Keywords is main blood for rank videos in Youtube and Google because on best keywords you can rank your videos. You can find Best keyword with Google keywords planner this keywords planner give you details of keywords which most search on Youtube and Google. For Example you want to work on “Funny Videos”you will put this keywords in Google planner then Google planner give you all details of this keywords monthly searches , Competition  and Cpc. Also Google Keyword planner suggest you more keywords which related with this keyword. I recommend you select those keywords which have More searches with low competition and high cpc this will help you to ranked quickly in Youtube and Google. Also in more Good result you can check on kwfinder and also you can use semrush its also very helpful in search best keywords and Youtube video seo optimization.

Youtube video seo optimization

Youtube video seo optimization

2. Create Videos & Save with keyword Title

After Select best keyword for video next step is create video i feel after keyword video is main thing which can rank you video because if you have Good and quality videos your videos will must rank. Make non copy right videos also in videos use 2 or 3 time key words which you have selected for videos and make HD video as you can. After make videos save as name with your keyword like “Funny_videos.mp4” its very important for Youtube video seo optimization also according to Youtube Video seo and your videos will rank quickly. Your Videos must above then 5 minute’s.

3. Video Title and Description

After Save video with keyword next step is Upload video on Youtube but before upload video on Youtube must learn and know these things. Upload Videos with Clear title and with your keyword and your title must on 5 to 12 words which will help to rank videos in Youtube and Google. After Give title give Description which also must on 150 to 300 words also include 2.5% keywords in this Description. Mean in 300 word Description use 5 to 6 time keywords also in Description add blog Url , Facebook Url , Google Plus Url , Youtube Channel Url and Other Videos Url.

4. Videos Tag’s

Next step is Videos Tag and Videos tag also very important for Youtube video seo optimization which will help you to rank video in Google. Add 8 to 15 tags which is related with your keyword also include keywords in tags. Its very super for Youtube video seo optimization also its will help you to get rank in suggest video which always showing in sidebar of watching video by user. Tag like this Funny Videos ,  Funny Best Videos , Funny Indian Videos , Funny USA Videos ,  Funny Cats videos and Funny videos 2017.

5. Youtube Videos thumbnail

Also when you uploading videos on youtube they will ask you thumbnail you must upload custom thumbnail with keyword. And your thumbnail must on attractive picture which attract the view’s and they open your videos from side bar and search list. Your thumbnail size must be 1280×720 (620px) then upload your videos but now not yet complete seo Youtube videos.

Youtube video seo optimization

6. Social Signals

What is Social Signals? Social Signals is traffic and liking of social network website like Facebook , Google plus atc. After done Youtube video seo optimization your video will rank but if you wnat to rank quickly you need to give Social Signals to videos. Make real and Good video which people share on facebook and Google plus also share Videos link on Social Network website’s like Google Plus , facebook , Twitter , Reddit act.

7. Embed Videos

Youtube allow us to embed videos in 3rd party website or blog So put your own videos embed code in your blof or website which give you more view’s which help help you to rank videos quickly in Youtube and Google.

8. Make Videos Backinks

Every Body Knows Back links very Important for Website ranking. Now a days Youtube considered back links so create back links with your videos link and other website. You can create back links by comment on other site with you videos or channel back links.

9. Youtube Channel optimization

Its very important your Youtube Videos full optimization with seo same like Youtube video seo optimization. Go to Your Youtube Channel and Add Profile picture and Cover picture also add channel Description according to Your youtube channel.

10. Youtube Channel subscribes

Channel subscribes also very effective for rank video’s if you have more  subscribes this will help you to rank quickly in Youtube and you must try to get 20 to 50 subscribes.

Hope this post Youtube video seo optimization will help you to rank video and get more earning from youtube if you any question feel free and ask question below in Comment.



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